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The New Elantra


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 This is how you dare.

Dare to challenge the status quo and find greater courage without fear of failure, Challenge tradition and prejudice to find opportunities for innovation. Be in charge of today through passion and effort, Open up the world of tomorrow using your own standards, not the world’s. Do not hesitate, but stay bold and go for those big dreams. Dare to be you.

The answer is you.
Stand strong. Have faith in yourself, then see your true strengths unleashed.

Question the old rules.
The ‘Parametric Dynamics’ design accentuates geometric aesthetics of the elongated hood and sleek roof lines, completing the visionary and innovative style.

Parametric Jewel Surface
Three sections emerge out of three bold-edged lines intersecting at a single point, creating three different colors of light.

The stereoscopic Parametric Jewel-pattern design highlights the depth of the front grille, making it resemble diamond-cut gemstones, and the bold and elongated front headlights come together to give Elantra its front sporty look. The edgy spoiler on the trunk and the integrated all-in-one taillight – representing Hyundai with its distinct H-shape design - help to create a high-tech, futuristic rear look.

Bring the limelight to you.
Bigger, longer, and lower than ever. Elantra’s sporty look and elaborate lines highlight its bold presence.

Most sensuous.
The Immersive Interface cocoons the driver like a cockpit that surrounds the pilot, offering easier control and an enveloping , advanced driving experience.

Immersive Interface
A full color cluster display and navigation screen (both 10.25”) deliver a fully immersive space and a seamless, integrated panoramic view, tilted 10 degrees toward the driver for easier control and a high-tech feel.

64 Color Mood Lamp
Elantra’s 64 color ambient mood lamp makes driving at night even more exceptional.

BOSE Premium Sound System
Elantra’s 8 high-performance speakers deliver precise, powerful sound, ranging from low- to high-pitched tones at volumes that adjust according to the speed of your vehicle.

Stay connected.
Elantra’s highly advanced connectivity features are extremely intuitive and easy to use, keeping you connected with the car and bringing greater innovation to your driving experience.

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